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What about “EASY LATINAS BLOG” and who is behind…!

My name is Usman Ulrick Samuel, I like to introduce my self and my Blogs that I’m responsible for…and for more information about my self please see my Profile on BlogSpot here!

Some basic information about my new Blog:


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On Easy Latinas your get daily updated about behavior of Hot Latinas and Latina Lesbians on the Internet.

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Why I have chosen Blogger from GOOGLE …!

As you know Blogger and the URL “” is owed by the giant GOOGLE and I have chosen GOOGLE because I admire what this company all do to promote Internet in his whole…!

In a short time, GOOGLE has beaten all of his competitor that with standing always consistent after his purpose and product, what is… making Internet better for all of his users.

Why I have chosen to written Adult Content Articles…!

The company that I working for is active as Online Publisher and a while ago they have decided to also explore the Adult Publisher field, and the reason for that you can find here after.

Before they starting they have make a feasibility study, and I was able to see this feasibility study and some remarkable figures I will publish here so that you understand why the company that I working for and after my self has decide to go the way of Adult Content, I as Adult Content Writer and my company as Adult Content Publisher.

I will give you some idea about Pages Views per day on the whole Internet, and for that we will consider the ALEXA counting as reference, that for the beginning of year 2010.

In the beginning of 2010 the Global Page Views in the world where the following:

+- 2.500 Billion Page Views per month (Month = +- 30 Days)
+- 80 Billion Page Views per day

And we take US as reference and we can say that more that 40% of this total Page Views see above are Pornographic…!

Further more for the American men, from 18 till 40 of ages, is Porno related content websites on the Internet their favorite destination, after come Music and Shopping related content sites nearly 50 % less and after come Travel related websites with a other 50% less attention...!

For our comparison we will take the same tendency for the rest of the world…!

If we count the kinds as content on the internet as follow: 
  • Porno Content (+-40%)                     +- 40 Billion Page Views per day
  • Music & Shopping content (+-20%) +- 20 Billion Page Views per day
  • Travel related content (+-20%)          +- 20 Billion Page Views per day
  • Various Content (+-20%)                   +- 20 Billion Page Views per day
As you can see the numbers of Page Views is big, and as me you se that Porno related Content takes a prominent place…!

What the impact is on the total Page Views of Adult Content on the internet can be seen as part of  daily live, we must not make it difficult…here some facts...!

Some past Internet Pornographic surf habits…!

Some collected habits form surfers on the internet, in the past ten years, see the results who talk for his self:
  • In September 2003, +- 32 Million individuals have visited Adult Websites, +-70% where male so 30% where female…!
  • From the visitors above, nearly 22.8 million of them were male (71 percent), while 9.4 million adult site visitors were female (29 percent).
  • In US, recently (2004) nearly 90% of questioned University Students have get virtual sex using Internet Message, WC or Cell Phone.
  • In 2004, on 15,000 people, 66% of the questioned women and 50% of the questioned men declare that the Porno Mediation has boosted their sex lives…!
  • In August 2005, +-80 million people have visited adult websites…!
  • On that time it was nearly 43% form the global Internet audience and have viewed +- Adult content Pages that by spending average 15 min of their time per day…!
  • In 2006, average 68 million daily pornographic search requests to the search engine who is +- 25% of total search engine queries.
  • And to end this Porno overview, in 2008 America College students (mixed 50/50), found that under the questioned people +-68% men and +-50% of women are agreeing that viewing of pornography on the internet is acceptable, and 85% of men and 30% of women reported using pornography.

The past Christians Internet Pornographic Figures…!

  • In December 2001, +- 51% of the Pastors questioned see Internet Porno as a temptation, and +-38% of the pastors admin that porn on the Internet is a struggle for them, and 40% of the pastors have already visited a Porno website and +-50% of the questioning pastors say that they have checked out pornographic stuff during the past week!…!
  • Further more 17% of the Christian women have problem with porno addiction.
  • On the +- 50% Christians questioned said that Pornography at home is one of the big family’s problems…!


After this basic research we can see three different trends:
  1. The general public interpretation and acceptance of pornographic is totally changes in the paste three hundred years, and we can expect that it will continue to change.
  2. The new technologies are the basic of the increased quantity and quality of Pornography who become more pervasive as the technologies develops more.
  3. Opposition and Censorship to this pornographic age has failed on the pressure of the biological chemistry of sex desire of human beings, a phenomena that we can further expect.
Pornography is a part of our live, we must not try to go around, we must face it, we must learn to live with it and that is what I and my company do, no more, no less.


This the end of this article, I like Costumers feedback, so I ask to you as active reader to post your personal comments, that form the current post “What about “EASY LATINAS BLOG” and who is behind…!”, and from the future post and I Usman Ulrich Samuel thank you for that in advance.

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